sound & video by Bára Hladík

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Bára’s music project Zlata visits the sensory experience as a moment for listening, reflection, and transformation. Through sonic practices of poetics, deep listening, and movement, Zlata invites us to communicate with the embodied subconscious. Listen here.

Listen to people & places; visit my soundcloud and bandcamp

Listen to Feel the Night, synth pop album self-released 2016


Sonic Healing ~ XX Files Radio

Listen here to an episode on sonic healing, brain frequencies, chronic pain, and sonic medical technology

Aired on XX Files Radio on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montréal

Sonic Poetics ~ Radio 

Sonic Poetics explores the poetics of sound, the sonic of poetics, and listening as poetic practice, weaving compositions with speeches, radio, and poetry

Listen here for episodes of Sonic Poetics 

Eastern Bloc Bangers ~ Radio 

Eastern Bloc Bangers is a radio show that explores groove, funk, disco, and experimental electronic music from the former Eastern Bloc, tracking musical influences in a media controlled political situation from former Czechoslovakia to Kyrgystan broadcasted every second Thursday of the month at 6 pm est on radio

Listen to a selection of episodes here


What Is Your Pain is sound commission for the Media Arts Committee as part of Deep Listening: a tribute to Pauline Oliveros compilation album 

made with samples of medical spaces, informational videos, synthesizers, field recordings, and wine glasses 

More info HERE

Listen HERE


Slow Growth

Slow Growth is a dance and radio experiment. We will attempt to zoom in, through sound and gesture, on the inner processes of flowers growing in a participatory and attentive environment. The sounds collected in this research will be ‘narrowcast’ live to a listening radio audience on a local station. Miranda Jones and her collaborators Bára Hladíková and Anne White use the strategies of devised theatre and pirate radio to develop a collective work, the audience, and the objects around them. Through a series of unobtrusive and diverse actions, the artists and their interactants—the performers/devisors—produce a visual and sonic composition that is recorded and transmitted live on Ottawa Street, as well as on a nearby frequency as a pirate radio program. This experiment draws a parallel between the story experienced by the subtle observers of a moment in the making in Place Publique and that encountered by listeners in the vicinity. Unfolding as an improvised scenario, the visual and sonic composition forms a choreography in which the performers and objects affect their immediate environment and vice versa.

Learn more HERE

Learning How To Steal: A theatre production

Opened at Phenomena Fest
October 17th 2018 in Montréal, QC

Written and performed by Jesse Orr 
Directed by David Di Giovanni 
Sound Design by Bára Hladík
Props by Cleo Dafonseca 
Stage Management by Emily Van
Live Projections by Dae Courtney

Watch the full production HERE


Incarnation is an album length project blending sound art, poetics and music, made entirely from the sounds of my body, such as cracking joints, coughing, burping, singing, whistling, clapping, and breathing, made while in residency at Artscape Gibralter Point, November 2017.

​I performed the album at the final exhibition to a watercolour animation I made during the residency while making the album. 

Watch & Listen HERE



Doma is a sound installation as part of collaborative exhibition with Alina Senchenko, Behind the Curtain, held at Dynamo Arts Association, May 2017 

The soundscape installation reflects an archive of daily life, containing audio clips of radio and television punctuated by speeches by Soviet politicians, Ukrainian poems of 1960’s resistance, advertisements, and music, mixed with recordings of cooking, washing dishes, and cutting vegetables. The soundscape is designed as a fictional eavesdrop on the dreamspace of a woman who has lived through the many transitions of the Eastern Bloc, from post-war to the revolution, the occupation, and the fall of the Iron Curtain, who has found consistency in the mundane, as she spends an hour in her home while her distorted memories, the unspoken, and the imprints of time on her psyche resurface.

You can listen and read the full translated transcription here