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Dreamspells ~

~ dreamspells ~

dreamspells ~~eye exercises, yoga nidra, deep rest, journaling, doodling, intuitive & visualisation practices& an open dream share session where you’re invited to doodle & imagine

suggested items to prepare:

*a journal for writing/doodling

*blankets, pillows, and cozymakers for your space

*tea! water! hydration!


• to be asked your access needs at registration and at the start of session

• automatic captioning and instructions in the chat

• bilingual instruction based on who is in session

• the choice to have your video on/off, or to interact via voice/chat in accordance with your needs on a given day

• a substantial break and opportunities to rest your body / eyes / nervous system from screens

• an environment where your body’s wisdom is respected

• this space to center bipoc experiences

• opportunities to ask questions and voice requests

facilitated by bára + malek

bára: poet, multidisciplinary artist, editor, facilitator, whose practice ranges across embodiment to dreaming.

malek: scorpio moon with a chart ruled by mercury in cancer, who has always made important life decisions via dreams.


embodied~poetics is a workshop series exploring the embodied subconscious.

we employ practices of poetics ~ breath ~ expression ~ voice ~ group work ~ movement ~~~ techniques to connect to yourself in tangibly abstract ways while creating individual and collective poems and soundscapes

cofacilitated by:
Ma Lek of A Human Space
& Bára Tereza of Theta Wave

the first rendition of this workshop occurred february 2020 in Tio’tiá:ke, Montréal

Poetics of Listening

This workshop visits the sensory experience as a moment for listening, reflection and transformation. With listening at the core of each exploration, we draw from poetic, vocal, and somatic practices to explore and communicate with the body. By visiting specific sensory spaces in our bodies through poetry, we compose a collective soundscape of what we may or may not hear in our embodied subconscious. The workshop is followed by a sound bath created from sounds collected during the workshop.

Dream Zines

workshop exploring several simple zine making techniques

~ simple folding + binding techniques
~ layout + printing
~ cut, paste, scan
~ using recycled material
~ journaling + dream journals

Poetic Practice

what is a poetic practice? how do we develop a practice that is accessible, healing and creative? how do we practice poetry collectively?

working from an anti-oppression framework, we explore individual and collective practices inviting participants to consider poetry as a tool for transformative change, community healing, and personal growth, moving beyond the typically individualist notion of poet

participants will leave with a small handmade zine to support their developing poetic practice

Poetry Party

this workshop invites poets to play and party

we mingle, play games, create poems, and take poetry a little less seriously. poets leave with a goody bag of poems and hopefully a few new friends 🙂